Mortgage Broker vs. Retail Bank: What Are The Differences?

Knowing the difference between a retail bank and a mortgage broker could save you money. Years and years ago when someone wanted money to buy a home, they would go to their bank. The bank would evaluate the application, go to its vault of money and transfer it to the borrower’s account to be used […]

Rent or Buy, Part 2: Pros & Cons of Renting

Depending on your age and the decade you grew up in, “conventional wisdom” on the topic of renting vs. buying a home could have varied tremendously. If for example you grew up in the 90s, you may have been brought up to believe that renting is just throwing money down a drain, and buying is […]

Rent or Buy, Part 1: Pros and Cons of Buying a Home

When it comes to the topic of renting vs. buying a home, one thing is likely—if you ask around, most of your friends and family are bound to have pretty strong opinions on it. You may know people who say, “Don’t take out a mortgage; you will just get trapped and find yourself underwater in […]

Home Loans San Francisco

Of all the cities in the great state of California, San Francisco is undeniably the most breathtaking.  Here, the Golden Gate Bridge spans majestically across the San Francisco Bay and lush greenery intermingles with beautiful homes and condominiums in some of the most coveted neighborhoods in the country. San Francisco is an amazing place to […]

Mortgage Rates Hit Three Year Lows

Mortgage Rates Hit 3-Year Lows, Foreclosure Rates Continue Dropping Good news for home buyers—this month mortgage rates officially hit a 3-year low.  As of May 10th, rates were 3.5-3.635% for 30-year fixed loans.  This is the lowest that they have been on average over the entire 3-year time period (last year, the rate was 3.84%).  […]

Mortgage Rates May Push Upward

Mortgage Rates May Push Upward Later This Week Dependent on Retail Sales Data Mortgage rates managed to drift slightly downward last week, with no big surprises to press rates significantly in any direction. The ISM indices split direction, with the manufacturing index posting a decline, and the services index moving upward. Both indices remain above […]

HARP Loans San Francisco

HARP Loans San Francisco It has been a few years now since the financial recession was at its peak.  But those years are something that no homeowner in San Francisco will ever forget.  If your mortgage wasn’t underwater in the recession, chances were good you knew more than a few homeowners who were in that […]

Looking For Mortgage or Refinancing Options?

Looking For Mortgage or Refinancing Options? When you have made the decision to purchase a home one of the major steps involved is obtaining financing. It is a good idea to consider financing options before you begin looking at homes. At C2 Financial, we can help you determine the best financing options available to meet […]

FHA Streamline Refinance

Why FHA Streamline Refinance is the Perfect Solution for Quick and Easy Refinancing? If you’re looking to refinance your home but want to avoid fees and piles of paperwork, then FHA streamline refinance might just be the solution you’re looking for. This is an option that more and more homeowners are now taking but it’s […]

San Jose Mortgages

Looking for the Best San Jose Mortgages? We Can Help! If you’re looking for an incredible place to live and work, it is tough to beat San Jose. Situated in the Bay Area, San Jose is known as the “Capital of Silicon Valley,” and has the status of a globally renowned city. It’s the third-largest […]