Refinance to a Fixed-Rate Mortgage for a Better Home Loan

Mortgage rates have been inching upwards since earlier this year. Slowly at first, but the jumps are increasingly hard to ignore. If you have an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), now is a good time to refinance to a fixed-rate mortgage. According to economists, the Fed is expected to deliver back-to-back interest rate hikes in May and […]

Will Mortgage Rates Rise With Inflation and For How Long?

Mortgage rates are starting to fluctuate, and there are a lot of predictions floating around about rising mortgage rates. But the pandemic has taught us that nothing is for sure. Trends that used to be predictable are in question. So how can we know whether or not mortgage rates are going to rise or stay […]

Inflation Data Higher Than Expected: Are Higher Mortgage Rates on the Horizon? Why Buying or Refinancing Now Might Be Your Best Financial Move This Year

Economists follow all sorts of economic data. Some data they follow more closely than others and some reports quite frankly are mostly ignored. These reports are released at varying times of the month and economists as well as investors across the board anxiously await these numbers as an indication of the health of the economy. […]