Renting? You’re Still Paying a Mortgage, Just Someone Else’s

If you’re still renting, you might think that you’re not paying a mortgage. Technically that may be correct but in the end the mortgage on your rental unit is ultimately being paid for by you. When real estate investors evaluate a potential purchase, one of the first things they’ll be looking for is whether or […]

How to (effectively) Buy a Fourplex and Live Mortgage Free

This is an interesting concept and at first glance it might seem a bit misleading. The obvious way to buy a fourplex and live mortgage free is to pay cash for it. But many don’t take that route because it can put a dent in a bank account and tied up into a relatively non-liquid […]

Pros and Cons of Financing New vs. Existing Homes

Believe it or not but there are some differences between financing new construction and an existing property. Yes, they’re certainly both financing options for a residential mortgage but there are some key differences and you might be surprised at the available options. Let’s first look at the most common type of mortgage, that’s the one […]

Lender Questions? Keep Calm and Answer On

When consumers first complete and then submit a loan application, the initial thought might be that the work has been done and now we’re just waiting on loan papers.  Further along in the approval process, common lender questions will often come up. The fact however is that loan submission is one of the early steps […]

Insider Tips for a Fast Close on Your Home

Want to close fast? There are certainly lots of things people can do to accelerate the closing process. A fast close can help with the negotiation process. Sellers who see that someone has already applied for a mortgage means the buyers are not only serious about an offer but have taken the extra step and […]

For Sale By Owner: Do You Really Save Money?

Listing your property as For Sale By Owner can sound easier than working with traditional realtors. So can you really save money and stress deciding to list your property as For Sale By Owner? Closing Costs and Fees There are closing costs associated when selling a home. There’s no secret in that. All you have […]

Freddie Mac Weekly Mortgage Rate Surveys and What They Mean

It pretty much happens the same way every week. Data is released to the public as well as various media regarding the direction of residential mortgage rates. Where does this data come from? There are several rate surveys but the one most referred to by far is the one performed by secondary mortgage giant Freddie […]

Why Mortgage Bonds Matter

A mortgage bond is a bond just like any other. There is a fixed rate of return that the investor knows about prior to making a purchase. Compare a bond to an individual stock or mutual fund and you’ll soon discover a wide disparity between yields, or profit. Stocks can provide a greater return on […]

If Your Spouse Has Bad Credit: What That Means For You

Mortgage lenders evaluate good credit and bad credit a bit differently than they did several years ago. Prior to the introduction of credit scoring, a lender’s underwriter would review each credit entry line by line. The underwriter would look at credit limits and account balances, if there were any payments made 30, 60 or 90 […]

Closing Costs: What Your Lender Can Control and What Your Lender Can’t

When consumers start talking about mortgage loans, the two most important topics are almost always the prevailing interest rate for the loan program they’ve chosen and closing costs. Yes, there certainly are other considerations but in most every instance these two items get the most attention, and rightly so. After all, the interest rate on […]