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Get Approved for an FHA Mortgage with 3.5% Down

An FHA home loan is one of the best options for new homeowners and first-time homebuyers. FHA mortgages have more flexible requirements for approval and offer some of the lowest mortgage rates available. With an FHA loan, you can get approved with a lower down payment and an imperfect credit history. FHA loans are government-backed […]

Conventional 97 (3.0% Down) or FHA (3.5% Down) – Which is Better?

If a low down payment mortgage is your preference, there are two programs that might suit your needs. The Conventional 97, a Fannie Mae product, and the FHA loan. They’re both very similar and even more so beyond the low down payment. If you’re eligible for both programs, there are some questions to ask to […]

Jumbo Loans: Low Down Payment Options and More

Not only have home prices recovered from their lows over the past few years they’re hitting new record highs in some areas, making jumbo loans more common for many borrowers. This isn’t something to be concerned about. The housing bubble of the last decade was primarily created by toxic loan programs that would approve just […]