Eliminating the VA Loan Limit

It didn’t get a whole lot of publicity last week, but there was a major change for VA Home Loans. More specifically, the VA loan limit, or loan cap. Over the years, the VA loan limit has changed and the changes have always been favorable to the veteran. The most recent adjustment eliminates the VA […]

Applying for a Private Loan: How to Qualify

Qualifying for a private loan, sometimes referred to as a “hard money loan” might be easier than you think. Private loans are a critical part of the real estate industry. Without private lenders, many profitable opportunities would fall by the wayside as conventional lenders determine a particular project falls out of their lending guidelines. Private lenders […]

Are There Benefits to an Impound Account?

Impound accounts, also called escrow accounts in some parts of the country, are set-aside accounts used to pay property tax bills and insurance premiums when due. Each month when someone makes a mortgage payment and there is an impound account set up, 1/12th of the annual tax bill and 1/12th of the insurance premium are […]

What is a Guaranteed Loan: USDA, VA and FHA

Have you heard the term “guaranteed loan?” It’s possible, but it’s mortgage industry parlance that describes a specific feature of a mortgage program. There are three such programs and they’re all guaranteed loans to some degree by the government. It’s a government-guaranteed loan and there are three of them. The three are the VA, FHA […]

HUD, FHFA, FNMA, FHA, FHLMC: Who Are These People, Anyway?

HUD, FHFA, FNMA, FHA, FHLMC: Who Are These People? Well, they’re not really people. People certainly work there but in reality, HUD along with the others all government agencies that have some major connection with the mortgage industry. Some are relatively new and some not so much. The mortgage industry has so many acronyms it […]

VA Approval: Basic Guidelines

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs oversees the VA home loan program. First introduced as part of the larger Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, the VA loan was designed to help those returning from WWII more easily assimilate back into civilian life with various benefits such as paying for college, starting a business and buying a […]

Why Portfolio Loans are Important

There is a term in the mortgage industry called “portfolio lending” and it’s a specific type of home loan program that caters to a particular situation. Portfolio loans are so important that without it the real estate industry would suffer. What is a portfolio loan? It’s a loan that does not fit into any secondary […]

5 Questions First-Time Homebuyers Need to Ask

Buying a first home is probably the biggest financial decision someone can make. For those who already own their own homes they can relate. It’s a process that can be explained upfront but until someone goes through it, experience is the ultimate teacher. Finding, buying and financing a home can be a rather drawn out […]

The Streamline Refinance Explained

Have you heard of the term “streamline refinance”? Lenders certainly have and when you discover what this process actually is, you may very well decide it’s time to refinance after all. A streamline refinance is where an existing mortgage is completely replaced by a new one. The term was originally coined when the Federal Housing […]

When are Government-Backed Loan Programs the Best Choice?

There are three government-backed loan programs available today: The USDA, VA and  FHA loan programs. They’re referred to as a government-backed loan because the lender is guaranteed to be compensated should the loan ever go into default. Each of these three has their own special niche that is filled. USDA Loans USDA loans are used […]