Looking For Mortgage or Refinancing Options?

Mortgage or Refinancing Options

Mortgage or Refinancing Options

Looking For Mortgage or Refinancing Options?

When you have made the decision to purchase a home one of the major steps involved is obtaining financing. It is a good idea to consider financing options before you begin looking at homes. At C2 Financial, we can help you determine the best financing options available to meet your current needs. We have years of experience working with new homebuyers as well as homeowners who are looking to refinance their current mortgages.

Financing ProcessFinancing Process

The financing process starts by determining a maximum loan amount. Typically, most people can afford a mortgage that is around three times their yearly income. For example, a couple who makes $100,000 a year should be able to afford a mortgage of $300,000. There are other factors such as current debt, credit history, and employment history, which can also affect the loan amount. In addition, it is important to consider the monthly payment amount that you are comfortable paying.

The next step is to obtain preapproval for your loan. During this time, you will provide information about any assets that you have, your employment, as well as other financial information. Once all of the information is provided, you will be pre-approved for a loan amount.

The final step is to find a home and make an offer. If an offer is accepted, it is time to apply for the loan. Since you already have the approval for the loan, this step is quite simple (can be submitted online). After submitting the application for the loan, it is then funded and you will be able to start the process of moving in to your new home.


For current homeowners, refinancing provides a great option for obtaining a lower interest rate on your current mortgage. At C2 Financial, we have years of experience helping homeowners obtained new mortgages for their homes to help them save money over the years. If you are currently paying a high interest rate on your mortgage or simply are ready to start saving money on you monthly payments, let us show you the many refinancing options that are currently available.

Experience and Expertise

When it comes to finding the right mortgage or refinancing options, it is important to have experience on your side. Shawn Sidhu has been helping clients throughout the state of California and in the San Jose area for more than ten years.

San Jose offers a particularly difficult real estate market for buyers because of the high interest rates and premiums found in the area. Let Shawn help you get the best possible mortgage or refinance option to meet your particular needs.

The current buyer-friendly market means that it is a great time to think about purchasing a home or refinancing your current mortgage. Let Shawn at C2 Financial help you through the entire process and ensure you get the best rates possible on your new or current mortgage.