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Buy a Home in 2022 and Get Your Best Mortgage

Buying a new home or refinancing your mortgage can put you on the right track toward building wealth and a secure financial future. So it makes sense to put some effort toward getting the best mortgage you can. Searching for low rates is where most homebuyers begin. These next steps will help you get the […]

How to Qualify for a Bigger Mortgage

Mortgage rates are starting to inch upwards and home prices aren’t slowing down. Whether you want to refinance and build out your current home or buy your next home with a larger lot in mind, homebuyers across the country are figuring out how to qualify for a bigger mortgage. For many homebuyers, shopping for their […]

Different Types of Income Lenders Will and Won’t Use

One of the key components when lenders evaluate a loan application is affordability. Lenders consider current monthly credit obligations such as an auto loan and credit card payments and add those to the new mortgage payment. The new mortgage payment includes principal and interest, property taxes, insurance and mortgage insurance when required. This total is […]