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Tenancy in Common (TIC): How to Get Financing

Qualifying for a mortgage isn’t always a straightforward process and your financial picture might not fit a simple profile. Tenancy in common offers a modern financing solution to help you build your wealth through property ownership. Sometimes the tenants in common have equal stakes in the property, but more often than not, buyers own different […]

Financing an Investment Property, Part 2

How do I finance an investment property for the first time? Last week I offered a 5 step blueprint to help answer this question. Mortgage rates are still low and a lot of homeowners want to know the best way to access capital to expand their real estate portfolio. What’s more, new legislation in California […]

How to Finance an Out-of-State Property

The time-tested mantra of “real estate is local” simply means that while homes are bought and sold every day, one market may be seeing higher valuations while in other areas, home values might be doing the opposite, for the very same type of properties. A four-bedroom 2 ½ bath in one neighborhood might be going […]