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When It’s Time to Choose a New Mortgage Broker

Buying a new home or refinancing your mortgage can help you build wealth and put you on the fast track to reach long-term financial goals. So it makes sense to shop for the lowest mortgage rate. At first glance, this seems like a smart move, but it’s not always the best financial move. But choosing […]

Tis the Season for Buying and Selling

Traditionally, we think of spring and summer as the best seasons for buying or selling a house. But these past several months keep testing tradition. As we enter into winter holidays, house sales keep inching up, mortgage rates are hovering at 3.5%, and the housing market is as busy as ever. Several homeowners are continuing […]

How to Finance an Out-of-State Property

The time-tested mantra of “real estate is local” simply means that while homes are bought and sold every day, one market may be seeing higher valuations while in other areas, home values might be doing the opposite, for the very same type of properties. A four-bedroom 2 ½ bath in one neighborhood might be going […]