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Eligible for a VA Loan? Here’s Why It’s Probably Your Best Choice

If you’re eligible for a VA loan there’s probably no better option for you if you want to come to your closing with as little cash as possible. Who is Eligible If you’re not sure if you’re eligible for a VA loan or someone you know is wondering, eligible borrowers include veterans, active duty personnel […]

The VA Jumbo Loan Option

The VA home loan is without peer when it comes to providing a competitive mortgage option with as little cash to close as possible, but the VA Jumbo Loan is a lesser know option. VA loans don’t require a down payment while at the same time restricting certain types of closing costs from payment by […]

VA Loans and Non-Traditional Credit

Having a responsible credit history is one of the key components we use when reviewing a loan application. Traditional guidelines for VA home loan approvals mean having established a credit history with a minimum of three trade lines appearing on the report. This is a common requirement for most all loan programs including conventional and […]

VA Home Loans and Construction

When someone is eligible for a VA home loan, they’re one of the select few fortunate enough to qualify. VA Home Loans are part of a special loan program that is earned through service to our country and helps veterans and active-duty personnel as well buy a home with no money down, restricted closing costs, […]