VA Home Loan Advantages

The Department of Veteran’s Affairs was first established back in 1930. Implementing and overseeing multiple programs and benefits to those who have served in the Armed Forces. One of the more popular programs is the VA Home Loan Benefit. This financing option provides multiple benefits that other mortgage programs simply cannot provide. For those who […]

Impound Accounts Explained

Impound accounts, sometimes referred to as Escrow accounts in other parts of the country, are funds set aside to take care of property taxes and insurance when due. Some loans require impound accounts while others leave them as an option. Let’s take a further look at these accounts and what they accomplish. Mortgage lenders need […]

Short Term? Long Term? Why Your Loan Choice Matters

Deciding on which home loan to take is usually a matter of choosing an interest rate. But, especially for those who have never financed a home before, there are many more things to decide on besides the rate. Sure, the rate is important, but you might be surprised at the array of loan choices available […]

VA Eligibility Restoration: How It Works

There’s really no question the VA home loan is the premier option for those who are eligible and want to come to the closing table with as little cash as possible. In fact, the VA home loan doesn’t require a down payment at all. Zero. The only other loan program that doesn’t need any type […]

Getting Your VA Entitlement Back

If you’re one of the fortunate who has access to the VA home loan program, first, thank you for your service. Second, the VA loan program is without a doubt the most competitive home financing option in today’s marketplace for those seeking to purchase a home with as little cash to close as possible. When […]

The VA Cash Out Loan

Surely the ideal loan program for those looking to come to their closing with as little cash as possible is the VA loan. There are only a couple of government-backed mortgages that do not require a down payment and the VA program is one of them. The other is the USDA mortgage but that is […]

Eliminating the VA Loan Limit

It didn’t get a whole lot of publicity last week, but there was a major change for VA Home Loans. More specifically, the VA loan limit, or loan cap. Over the years, the VA loan limit has changed and the changes have always been favorable to the veteran. The most recent adjustment eliminates the VA […]

What is a Guaranteed Loan: USDA, VA and FHA

Have you heard the term “guaranteed loan?” It’s possible, but it’s mortgage industry parlance that describes a specific feature of a mortgage program. There are three such programs and they’re all guaranteed loans to some degree by the government. It’s a government-guaranteed loan and there are three of them. The three are the VA, FHA […]

Eligible for a VA Loan? Here’s Why It’s Probably Your Best Choice

If you’re eligible for a VA loan there’s probably no better option for you if you want to come to your closing with as little cash as possible. Who is Eligible If you’re not sure if you’re eligible for a VA loan or someone you know is wondering, eligible borrowers include veterans, active duty personnel […]

The VA Jumbo Loan Option

The VA home loan is without peer when it comes to providing a competitive mortgage option with as little cash to close as possible, but the VA Jumbo Loan is a lesser know option. VA loans don’t require a down payment while at the same time restricting certain types of closing costs from payment by […]