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Mortgage Rates are Up: Should I Buy Mortgage Points?

Mortgage rates are rising and it’s hard to ignore. Buying mortgage points is one way to lower your mortgage rate but it can be a difficult decision for many homebuyers. For new borrowers getting ready to buy a home and for homeowners who want to refinance, it’s a good time to consider buying mortgage points, […]

When Should I Buy Mortgage Points?

When you’re ready to buy a home, you can lower your interest rate by buying mortgage points. If getting the lowest interest rate is your primary goal, then choosing to buy mortgage points or “discount” points can make a lot of sense. But paying mortgage points at closing isn’t always the best financial decision when […]

Want to Be a Landlord? Know How It Will Affect Your Debt Ratios

One of the most consistent and safe investments continues to be real estate. Yes, there are always ups and downs but over time real estate as an investment asset is hard to beat. Flipping houses was a fad several years ago when No-Doc loans and loans for those with damaged credit were everywhere. Yet experienced […]

The Connection Between Oil Prices and Mortgage Rates

You’re surely been following the news and hearing or reading about the price of oil lately. If you haven’t, well, we’re at levels we haven’t seen in decades. Low levels. Currently, the price for a barrel of oil hovers around $30 with some even predicting prices to fall a bit more over time. Quickly compare […]

Have You Checked Interest Rates Lately?

More than a year ago when interest rates began to slowly move up after recent Federal Reserve comments indicated we can anticipate three and maybe four rate increases for 2018. That was based upon economic projections that indicated our economy was awakening from its extended slumber as job creation and the unemployment rate showed signs […]

Do You Really Skip a Mortgage Payment When Refinancing?

This is an all too common phrase some lenders throw out when marketing their refinance programs or when speaking with a loan officer on the phone. A refinance replaces one loan with another and there are multiple reasons to refinance other than lowering an interest rate but skipping a mortgage payment isn’t one of them. […]

Does the APR Really Matter?

  The Annual Percentage Rate, or APR, is perhaps one of the most misunderstood numbers in the mortgage process. Even some loan officers can misinterpret that the APR is for and why it’s needed but in this article we’ll talk about how to use it. The APR was first introduced back in 1974 as part […]