Freddie Mac Weekly Mortgage Rate Surveys and What They Mean

It pretty much happens the same way every week. Data is released to the public as well as various media regarding the direction of residential mortgage rates. Where does this data come from? There are several rate surveys but the one most referred to by far is the one performed by secondary mortgage giant Freddie […]

Selling Loans: Why It’s a Good Thing

What many borrowers don’t realize is how mortgage lenders “fund” a home loan. Funding essentially means providing the money needed to create a new mortgage. It’s probably easy to think that when someone applies for a mortgage, the lender reaches back into its bank vault and sends the money over to the settlement agent. But […]

Should You Lock In Your Rate Now?

Are you getting ready to take the leap? Are you wondering if you should go ahead and lock in your rate now? Or maybe wait a bit to see what happens? We get that. But let me take some time here to provide you some suggestions as the best course of action for your situation. […]

It Might be a Great Time to Refinance. Seriously.

Let’s say that around the first of this month you checked mortgage rates to see if a refinance was in your future. Rates have been on a steady decline so far this year so it’s no wonder that you did make a quick check. And rates have fallen to the point in early March that […]

The Connection Between Oil Prices and Mortgage Rates

You’re surely been following the news and hearing or reading about the price of oil lately. If you haven’t, well, we’re at levels we haven’t seen in decades. Low levels. Currently, the price for a barrel of oil hovers around $30 with some even predicting prices to fall a bit more over time. Quickly compare […]

Raising Your Credit Score in 60 Days

Understand how your credit score is determined can be somewhat of a mystery to the everyday consumer. Borrowers typically have a pretty good handle on the status of their credit. Bills come in every month and they’re paid on or around the due date. Sometimes though those accounts aren’t paid when due and if a […]

Fence-Sitters Take Note: Mortgage Rates Could Be At Their Bottom

In the mortgage business, loan officers constantly interact with their clients, especially as it relates to interest rates, and mortgage rates in particular. The rate on a mortgage loan just may be the single most important aspect of financing real estate. After all, your mortgage rate directly affects the monthly payment. When you call to […]

Federal Funds Rate: The Decision is In

Just in case you missed it, the Federal Open Market Committee, or FOMC, concluded their most recent round of meetings on Wednesday, July 31, which affects the Federal Funds Rate (fed funds rate). The FOMC meets every six weeks to discuss monetary policy, current and future economic conditions and the cost of funds. While the […]

Have You Checked Interest Rates Lately?

More than a year ago when interest rates began to slowly move up after recent Federal Reserve comments indicated we can anticipate three and maybe four rate increases for 2018. That was based upon economic projections that indicated our economy was awakening from its extended slumber as job creation and the unemployment rate showed signs […]

Interest Rates: Is the Fed Changing Its Tune?

It appears that, while not backtracking, the Federal Reserve has indeed changed its tune regarding their policy on interest rates. The Federal Open Market Committee, or FOMC, wrapped up its most recent two-day meetings this past January 30. The FOMC meets about every six weeks to review the current state of the economy, review recent […]