How to Apply: No Income Verification Loan in 2021

If you’re self-employed, have a high net worth, or want to apply for a mortgage without having to verify your income, then the no income verification loan might be worth considering. Just like it sounds, a no income verification loan doesn’t require proof of regular income to qualify. Qualifying criteria are much more stringent, but […]

6 Painless Ways to Pay Down Debt

If you’re struggling to pay down debt, you’re not alone. It can start out somewhat unnoticeable. Someone gets a new credit card and is doing well with it, buying something on the card and paying the bill when due. After a time, the credit card company sees the positive payment patterns and raises the credit […]

Refinancing Multiple Mortgages Into One

Can refinancing your mortgage save you money? It’s fairly common for homeowners to have not one but two or more mortgages filed against the property. For some, they actually took out two loans at the time of purchase, a first and a second mortgage. When we structure such a loan for buyers, it’s to avoid […]