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Refinancing: The Risks of Waiting

If you’ve been thinking of refinancing, the risks of waiting might not be worth it. Lately, it’s a good move to go ahead especially for those who have been on the fence over the past few months. The market has been relatively positive for interest rates as mortgage rates in general have been floating in […]

Marriage, Legal Separation and Your Mortgage

The phrase, “’til death do us part” is one we’ve all heard. Unfortunately, many marriages don’t last that long. When a couple decides to separate, either legally or informally, there are different options to consider. Do they simply need some time apart to figure things out independently? Maybe have a little “breather” in order to […]

The Online Mortgage Business Just Got Personal

If you’re like many, you’re probably working from home these days. All so-called “non-essential” employees have been asked to stay home and work remotely. For some, this takes some getting used to. There are no other employees around, no office chatter and the communication between coworkers is done either by phone or via online meetings. […]

Should You Lock In Your Rate Now?

Are you getting ready to take the leap? Are you wondering if you should go ahead and lock in your rate now? Or maybe wait a bit to see what happens? We get that. But let me take some time here to provide you some suggestions as the best course of action for your situation. […]

The Connection Between Oil Prices and Mortgage Rates

You’re surely been following the news and hearing or reading about the price of oil lately. If you haven’t, well, we’re at levels we haven’t seen in decades. Low levels. Currently, the price for a barrel of oil hovers around $30 with some even predicting prices to fall a bit more over time. Quickly compare […]

Interest Rates and Trying to Time the Markets?

When you’re in the market for a new mortgage, whether it’s for a purchase or a refinance, you want to get the very best rate and terms as possible. Sometimes though the process can get a little too crowded with too much information. I often get asked the question, “What are rates going to do?” […]

Four Tips to Generate Positive Cash Flow on Rentals

Real estate is one of the unique asset classes that appreciates over time while at the same time providing the owner a monthly dividend. Name any other investment that does the same. Active real estate investors seek out rental properties that point to long term appreciation while getting paid each month to own it, to […]

Adjustable-Rate Loan Terms Explained

Mortgage loans fall into two basic categories, fixed-rate and adjustable-rate loans. A fixed-rate loan, by far the most popular choice, is a loan program where the interest rate never changes. A fixed-rate loan allows borrowers to more easily plan their financial future because they know what the mortgage payment will be for years to come. […]

First Time Home Buyers: Here’s Your 6 Month Planner

Buying and financing your first home has a lot of moving parts. There are multiple people involved, some you will talk to and many that you won’t. From an appraisal to a credit report to title insurance and more, your loan officer will make sure all the necessary documentation is included in your loan file. […]

Mortgage Rate Forecast: Should You buy Now or Wait?

It’s now closer to the time when holidays and days off are further in the rear view mirror and it’s back to the standard routine. Investors are back in the markets packing their portfolios with stocks, mutual funds and bonds and analysts are moving back in the guessing game as to the state of the […]