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FHA Cash Out Refinance Loans in 2020

The Federal Housing Administration’s home loan program is one of the three government-backed loans and is also the most popular. The other two government-backed loans are the VA and USDA programs. The FHA loan is also the favorite for first-time homebuyers. There are several reasons for this popularity but primarily the minimum down payment is […]

Minimum Credit Standards for FHA Loans

The Federal Housing Administration’s housing finance programs, most commonly referred to as FHA home loans, provides lenders guidance regarding how to evaluate and approve an FHA loan application. FHA loans are one of three government-backed programs that carry some degree of lender compensation should a guaranteed loan ever go into default. With FHA programs, the […]

Credit Scores: Know The Best Things That Can Happen

Credit scores for mortgage loan approvals were first introduced years ago, then refined by a company now know simply as The FICO Company. FICO is the acronym for the Fair, Isaac Corporation which developed the algorithm used by credit scoring engines today. For those who are constantly in the mode of increasing their scores to […]

Raising Your Credit Score in 60 Days

Understand how your credit score is determined can be somewhat of a mystery to the everyday consumer. Borrowers typically have a pretty good handle on the status of their credit. Bills come in every month and they’re paid on or around the due date. Sometimes though those accounts aren’t paid when due and if a […]

Is There Such a Thing as a Perfect FICO Score?

There are those who strive to get their credit scores as high as possible. Even way beyond the minimum FICO credit score for many home loan programs. Some programs that ask for a minimum FICO score of say 720 or 740 are above the minimum scores for other programs such as 680 or even 620. […]

High FICO: How to Build a High Credit Score and Keep It

When someone applies for credit and obtains their very first credit account, such as a credit card or an automobile loan, they’ll soon have an established credit history and a FICO score to follow.  Scores can rise and fall over time as someone opens up a new credit account and makes payments on the account […]