How to Apply: No Income Verification Loan in 2021

If you’re self-employed, have a high net worth, or want to apply for a mortgage without having to verify your income, then the no income verification loan might be worth considering. Just like it sounds, a no income verification loan doesn’t require proof of regular income to qualify. Qualifying criteria are much more stringent, but […]

Want to Be a Landlord? Know How It Will Affect Your Debt Ratios

One of the most consistent and safe investments continues to be real estate. Yes, there are always ups and downs but over time real estate as an investment asset is hard to beat. Flipping houses was a fad several years ago when No-Doc loans and loans for those with damaged credit were everywhere. Yet experienced […]

What Happens When Your Loan “Funds”

The one term that loan officers like to hear is the word “fund.” Why? Because it signals the loan approval process has come full circle and the loan is officially closed. There are multiple stages in the loan approval process and each stage must be completed before the next can be taken on. Initially, it’s […]

Student Loans and Home Loans

More and more students as well as parents are resorting to loans to pay for college. Public universities have had the ability to set their own tuition rates for years now and for many, attending college means going into debt just for the privilege. And that’s just the tuition, never mind the multitude of fees […]

Divorce: What Happens with the Mortgage?

No one ever gets married with the intention of getting a divorce. And no lender makes a loan with the intention of foreclosing on the property. But when a couple who have financed a home together decide the best thing to do is end the marriage and go on their separate ways, figuring out what […]

Interest Rate Lock: What Happens When You Do, What Happens When You Don’t

I understand the interest rate market can appear to be a little jumbled sometimes. You can check out interest rates one day and then a week later they’ll be a little different, sometimes higher and sometimes lower. They can also remain the same but in most instances rates do change daily, even by a very […]

Restricted Stock Income: How You Can Use It to Qualify

Restricted Stock Income, sometimes referred to as restricted stock units, may be used in certain circumstances as qualifying income when needed. Yet not all lenders have programs that accept this type of income but we do and I know how to see if your restricted stock can be used to help qualify for the home […]